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Special Eye Care


Would you like to hide your wrinkles in just 2 minutes?
Imagine yourself feeling young again during hours

LARIMIDE® acts immediately and in just 2 minutes you will find a new level of perfection and firmness on your skin that will last for hours.

It can be used on eyebags, crow’s feet and fine lines
~ Hide wrinkles
~ Helps the skin’s repairing process
~ Fights the loss of facial firmness

LARIMIDE® gives your skin a smooth appearance of less wrinkles, firmness and a more defined facial contour.

Eye Contour Gold
Gold Contain pure gold dust and other active ingredients,
Alleviate redness due to skin irritation and inhibit blemish causing bacteria while providing long lasting shine control.
->help active cell, moisturizing and repairs the skin.
->Rich in Vitamins, suitable for delicate eyes area,
->Protein essence helps to increase basal layer cell regeneration
->activate the cells and make the skin around the eyes area moisturizes, soft and firm.

Recommended for
- Wrinkles & Fine lines
- Sinking of the skin
- Laugher lines / Water Retention
- Eye bags & Dark Eye Ring